Boosted MCT Cooking Oil

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MCTs supply quick metabolic energy for physical and mental performance and are digested faster than regular fats. Perfect for keto diets especially. MCT Cooking Oil is specially made to handle higher heat than regular MCT oil — a great dairy-free and cholesterol-free alternative to butter and a liquid alternative to regular coconut oil. Easy to use with a superior neutral flavour too! 

Made from 100% pure non-GMO coconuts. Naturally grown and sustainably farmed without herbicides or pesticides.

Hexane and solvent free. Non-hydrogenated.

Suggested use: Use for cooking or frying under 180°C/350 F. Also great for dressings, sauces, shakes, and coffee!

• 100% Coconut
• Paleo & keto friendly
• Non-GMO, natural, and vegan